Nopah Springs

One bite and you'll never go back.

You'll ask how that tasteless, mealy, hothouse-grown, red sphere at the supermarket dares to call itself a tomato.


A real tomato is full-flavored, beefy, and delicious.  Plump.  Ripe.  Mouth-wateringly wonderful.


From Nopah Springs, you get real tomatoes. 


No chemicals, no pesticides, no gas . . . just nutrient enriched really OLD water!

Our tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and herbs are grown in greenhouses utilizing hydroponics, which means optimum nutrition, good, clean water, and protection from the elements.  We grow all of our produce from seeds, from a source that we know and trust or from last year's harvest, to provide you with the best-tasting and healthiest food possible.  Our fruits, vegetables, and nuts will be among the very best you ever have - or will - eat.

In addition to our greenhouses, we have a covered garden area, a vineyard, and an orchard.  A few of the vegetables and all of our fruits and nuts are grown outside.

We harvest on Sunday morning and your order will be available for pickup Sunday or Monday in the afternoons / evenings.  You can use the "note" feature during checkout to let us know your preference.

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Welcome to our web site. Order your vegetables and fruits using the links above. First come first served! We fill your requests in the order received. If we run out, we will let you know! We harvest on Sunday morning and orders are available for pickup Sunday and Monday (afternoons and evenings). Use the "note" at checkout to indicate your preference.


We promise to only send you good things.