Nopah Springs

Hot Peppers

We specialize in a wide variety of hot and super hot peppers and are sold 10 for $5.  We also integrate selected hot peppers into delicious, hand crafted Hot Pepper Jams.  See below for available flavors.





  • Bhut Super Hots
    • Bhut Jolokia
    • Giant Ghost
    • Trinidad Scorpion
    • Devils Tongue
    • Chocolate Trinidad
    • Sappovio Hot Chile
    • Chocolate Moruga
    • Scorpion Cappuccino
    • Chocolate Cappuccino
    • Chocolate Moruga
    • 7-Pod Douglah
    • Santa Fe Grande
    • Naga Ning Orange
  • Habanero
    • Orange Habanero
    • Jamaican Chocolate
    • Big Sun Habanero
    • Pumpkin Habanero
    • Mustard Habanero
  • Cayenne
    • Long Cayenne
  • Serrano
    • Fish
  • Aji (Yellow Hot)
    • Aji Pineapple
    • Aji Amarillo
  • Jalapeno
    • Giant Jalapeno
  • Pablano
    • Ancho Pablano
  • Sweet Bells
    • Mini Belle

Peppers highlighted in RED are featured in Nopah Springs Hot Pepper Jam

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