Nopah Springs


Hot Pepper Jams

Brad has perfected five delicious Hot Pepper Jam recipes that incorporate selected peppers from the Nopah Springs Garden.

  • Trinidad Scorpion is paired with pomegranate flavoring for a unique taste
  • Devils Tongue boasts the distinct flavor of black cherry that balances well with the hot pepper after-taste
  • Orange Habanero is complimented with apricots to balance the taste of the hot pepper
  • Jamaican Chocolate teases your taste buds with brown sugar and dates right before the pepper kicks in
  • Aji Pineapple sooths the tongue with sweet pineapple then finishes with the bite of the Aji hot pepper

Priced individually at $7.95 per jar, use the options below to order 2 jars or 5 jars at a special price.  They come in 6 ounce jars.


The word Tsiambi stands for tomato in the Shoshoni language.  And Brad has developed a delicious Southwestern Chutney using tomatoes that will leave your taste buds craving for more.  Sold in 6 ounce jars at a special price of $5.95, we know you will come back for more of this very tasty treat.

Fruit Jams

The peach trees and grape vines are 'on the grow' and as the fruit matures, expect to see several varieties of unique sweet jams.


Fine Print

Nopah Springs operates under the Nevada Cottage Laws which means the products are made in a cottage food operation that is not subject to government food safety inspections.  Nevada Cottage Laws also require that our products are delivered in-person to the end consumer, therefore we are not able to ship our pepper jam products at this time.

Nopah Springs has completed the process to re-zone our land from RU (Rural) to C2 (Commercial) and that means we can build a commercial kitchen on the property.  The commercial kitchen is projected to be completed in mid-2015 and we will then move from being a cottage operation to a commercial operation.  At that point we will be able to ship non-perishable items ordered on the web site.  Thank you for your support and patience as we complete this process.

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