Nopah Springs

The green and white Organic label from the United States Department of Agriculture means that from seed to harvest to shipping, the soil and the food are 95% chemical-free. Fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and even mulch will be natural, and is often the hallmark of small, traditional farms. The 100% Organic label means just that: that every single process has been organic.

To avoid using potentially harmful man-made elements, organic farmers proactively work toward—then maintain—healthy soil. Good practices and good dirt produce plants that resist disease and insects; it’s the vegetable’s form of a healthy immune system. And whether for animal, vegetable, fruit, or grain (yes, even pasta), the key to organic certification is in the soil.

Hydroponics are in a class alone—not organic, nor conventional. Our practices are the same as for organic, meaning NO chemicals or even potential contaminants, but because our vegetables grow in water instead of soil, there is no certification or verification by the USDA.

If you have questions, it is wise to talk face-to-face with the grower. Brad knows the ins and outs of growing good, nutritious food. Beyond that, if you like, he, Cae, Jacquie or Chef Brad will point you to sources for additional information.

But the absolute best way to decide is the taste test. They believe you’ll be deeply, completely satisfied.


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