Nopah Springs

Why hydroponics and why greenhouses?

Nevada has unusual growing conditions.  Our soil is nearly sterile, thus inhospitable to flora.  Pests are rampant, and the intense desert heat burns leaves and evaporates the water intended for crops.

A greenhouse allows us to control the environment, and the hydroponic plants grow above ground—without soil.  The water is retained in a reservoir, and is tested each day for the right pH balance and proper nutrients based on the lifecycle of the plant.  We add nutrients as needed, then pump from the reservoir to the buckets holding the plants several times during the day to ensure that the roots never dry out.

Since the water is recycled, our methods demand about eighty percent less moisture than needed for an outside garden.  The plants drink what they need and the overflow returns to the reservoir to be re-pumped.  There is no evaporation, and only the plant roots are watered - not the surrounding ground.

No Pest Management

No Soil or Dirt

No Weeds

No Chemicals

No Pesticides

No Gas

No Manure


No Wasted Water

 "No" x nine adds up to a perfect, real tomato!


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